Massic Cyber Attack – 13-05-2017

As you will have heard Britain along with numerous other countries has been under fire from a huge cyber attack.  Mostly hit so far have been services such as the NHS, but not limited to them.

What may not be so clear from the general media is that this attack has NOT finished yet, it is still happening, and the cyber attackers are changing the randsomware worm to defeat those poor IT engineers out there spending their whole weekend battling with it.

The general thought is we could all feel the effects on Monday because there is no way to tell what will happen when more computers are turned on which may already have the worm waiting on them.  The worm is designed to spread via networks so can jump from one machine to others rapidly.

So what can we do? 

You need to ensure your antivirus is up to date, and if you don’t have any, download something fast… Microsoft Security Essentials for Microsofts own free antivirus, or AVG Free for another good product.

If you have Windows 10, as long as you have the Anniversary update (you can tell if you have if you check your start menu and it has only icons for shutdown and settings etc – this is the latest version, if there are written titles next to the icons you need to update) you have built in Antivirus in the form of MS Windows Defender.

Ensure your PC has all the latest updates... Run Microsoft Update – on all Windows computers with pre Windows 10 operating systems.  Even Windows XP is covered by a special update released in light of this issue, so even update the oldest of PC’s!

Back up your files! – Transfer all your valuable data to external flash drives or hard disks, and then disconnect them from your PC.

Be super careful about what sites you visit… if you normally love less safe sites, i.e. Porn, game cheats etc then avoid them for the time being because the attack can be coming from anywhere.

Mostly we know its been hitting machines with out of date patches which has allowed it in, but really we can’t say it will end there, so be vigilant and be prepared! Save your data!  The encryption worm sets a price of around £300 to decrypt your files, but there is no guarantee that you’ll ever see your data again even if you pay!

More info from Microsoft

Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks

Info from UK Government


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