Latest Threats from on the ground.

Some of the latest threats being dealt with by our Engineers are still telephone scams, which are more common, sometimes they seem to spookily follow the purchase of a new PC.  We’ve been configuring new pc’s for clients on their premises when the client has receive an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from companies such as “windows” or “microsoft” or similar and that the customers computer has problems which it has told them and must be resolve if they want to be able to use their computer.

Standard format, they then wish to log on to the clients PC and perform “repairs” which afterwards they inform the customer that they must pay large sums of money.

But also we’ve had more frequent reports of websites triggering splash screens that tell the user to phone a number to fix their computer.  On phoning the customer was again made to allow access to their PC, and let some unknown person “repair” the computer.  These “repairs” actually consisted of installing over 8 ad blocking programs, and a couple of remote control software presumably to allow future access if not removed by us!  The customer was charged just over £170 for this “service” by a firm called something like Web Service Online.  Days later the scammer was trying to take more money from the customer.

So be aware and careful, never allow any random caller access to your PC, big companies do not monitor your computer for problems, and will never just call out of the blue to offer help!  Its a scam, hang up the phone, and disconnect the computer from the internet, even if you feel they have provided a service!  Its a scam, give no money details!

Filled Under: Alerts,News Posted on: 10/05/2017