Fake Invoice email phishing

Currently we’ve noticed we have been receiving a huge volume of fake invoice emails.

These emails are known as “Phishing” emails and are designed to have a lure that hooks you in.  In this case the fear that someone has ordered something on your credit card that you didn’t know about. So you think you better just check the email attachment to be sure.

Well our advice is best not to open that attachment.  If you are really concerned, call the company that has allegedly sent you the invoice by searching for its details and its own website using a search engine such as Google or DuckDuckGo or similar.


Under controlled conditions we opened one of these seemingly harmless MS Word Docx documents and discovered the payload to a blank document was a macro script, which is like a small program, which would have caused malicious software to have been downloaded onto our computer had it been able to reach the internet.

So be careful, and don’t get lured by these fake invoices.  2015 seems to be beginning with huge batteries of them being sent randomly.

Filled Under: Alerts Posted on: 13/01/2015

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