Cloud Based Antivirus

Bit Defender Antivirus is based online, so this allows a Doctor Watson's Engineer to deploy the software on one PC or many around your Office or Home.  

By being online it stays up to date and provides feedback on how well it is working and what it has found.  For our contract customers this allows us to analyse the data to make sure we can stay proactive at looking after your computers.

But anyone can use it, just drop us a message and we can get you started on a simple, forgot about it type of very low cost monthly payment for antivirus.  So this means if you change PC's or stop needing our Antivirus product we can just end it, and even uninstall the software remotely so no need to visit!

Give it a try for a month or two, its no problem, and we're sure you will prefer it to over priced, bloated retail packages or nagging freebies!