About Us

Doctor Watson’s is a specialist support organisation, based in Milton Keynes, focusing on Servers, networks, computer systems, web design and Hosted cloud products.  We provide a cost effective solution to the needs of Businesses and home computer users.

Doctor Watson’s has been supporting IT for over 20 years. This has been built up from a unique combination of business areas, from component level board repairs, working with Dr Solomons antivirus (now owned by McAfee) on their Technical support desk, Y2K and computer audits around the UK, positions in large corporate IT departments such as a large Pharmaceutical company (Pharmacia & Upjohn – well known for their product “Nicorette” – now produced by a new parent company) supporting internal users and over 300 remote workers, website design and hosting, to field network support roles, and full server/network roll-outs around the country.

Doctor Watson’s expertise encompasses  design,  construction, installation, configuration and commissioning of Microsoft Server products, Network design and installation, Exchange mail systems, including use for remote web based access, Mac integration, Windows Mobile smartphone and pocket pc activesync configurations as well as Hosted Exchange products.  Also supporting all manner of computer, server and network issues, printers and other technology in various states of disrepair.

Each customer, whether Business or Home based, is treated with the same utmost professionalism and plain English explanations.


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