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PC & Apple Support

From time to time we all experience issue with our computers, whether it be a complete breakdown, running slowly, infected with a virus or your business server is not functioning as it should.

That’s when you need to call in the help of a local computer expert.

Data Recovery also available to recover your lost data quickly.

0800 6125 118

Doctor Watson’s IT offers many web based services including:

Website Design & Hosting
Hosted Exchange Email
Social Networking Presence
Online Backup Solutions

Hosted Email provides professional standards of communication without the cost of your own server.

Websites designed specifically for you, to fit your needs whatever they may be.

Full customised PC building service.

Need a computer to suit your needs, not just some off the shelf computer?

Talk to Doctor Watson’s to get a full quote on exactly the PC you need.

Be it for Basic Business PC’s, Graphic / photographic work or a top notch gaming system

Doctor Watson’s can deliver the perfect system to fit your budget.

Book online or Call us to receive immediate remote support wherever you may be as long as you’re connected to the Internet. 

Or sign up for a yearly contract for Business & Home that includes access to priority support, twice yearly Computer Health Checks, Remote Support and, coming soon, a helpdesk ticket system to track work in progress.

Now accepting payment with Credit & Debit Cards. Contact for more information on what you need. Let us know what you need and we can quote you quickly. Support is but an email or phone call away.
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