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As you will have heard Britain along with numerous other countries has been under fire from a huge cyber attack.  Mostly hit so far have been services such as the NHS, but not limited to them. What may not be so clear from the general media is that this attack has NOT finished yet, it
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Some of the latest threats being dealt with by our Engineers are still telephone scams, which are more common, sometimes they seem to spookily follow the purchase of a new PC.  We’ve been configuring new pc’s for clients on their premises when the client has receive an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be
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Currently we’ve noticed we have been receiving a huge volume of fake invoice emails. These emails are known as “Phishing” emails and are designed to have a lure that hooks you in.  In this case the fear that someone has ordered something on your credit card that you didn’t know about. So you think you
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